How to Sell Memberships to Your Telegram Group


If you run a private Telegram chat, the thought of selling access to your group may have crossed your mind once or twice. If not, starting one can be a great way to earn money, whether you’d like to sell access to an exclusive investment community, job posting channel, or crypto trading group. FanPlusOne Bot provides you with an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to manage access to online communities of any kind, including Telegram chats, channels, and more. With FanPlusOne, setting up a paid community takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish — let’s get started!

Create Project

To begin, open @FanPlusOneBot in Telegram. Click START.

Add Resources (Telegram Channels & Groups)

Create your members-only area

What will your members-only area look like?

Add your channels and groups in InviteMember

After you’ve named your project you’ll be asked what would you like to create first — a Paid Telegram Channel or a Paid Telegram Group. Whichever option you choose you’ll see a short video showing the next steps:

Add a Subscription Plan

After adding your first Telegram Channel or Group you’ll need to create a Subscription Plan. A subscription plan defines what your customer will get, how much and how often will he pay.

Create a Telegram Bot with BotFather

Why do you need this

Your membership bot will be a small application that lives inside the Telegram ecosystem. It will have a name, a username, a profile picture and will appear just like a real person in the user’s contact list.

Register a new bot

Open @BotFather in Telegram and send /newbot command. Pick your bot name and username:

Customize your bot

If you wish to customize your bot (set profile picture, about, and description), please follow this tutorial:
How To Create a Telegram Bot

My new bot doesn’t reply

Your membership bot application is now registered in Telegram. But if you launch it — it will do nothing until you send its API token to the FanPlusOneBot. Why? Because your newly created bot doesn’t have a backend (server) yet.


I can’t enable Add Users permission

In some Telegram clients (iOS, for example) there is a known bug — you can’t enable Add Users permission for the bot.



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